Our Team

Hamdan Azhar is a data scientist and founder of PRISMOJI. Hamdan previously worked in advertising research at Facebook and was also a statistician on Ron Paul’s campaign. He has been a freelance journalist for the past seven years, writing about politics, technology and culture in Forbes, VICE, and The Washington Post, among other outlets.

Cathy Deng is a developer and designer, currently at the BuzzFeed Open Lab. She specializes in building technology that is clear and intuitive. As a designer, she has experience adapting projects to a variety of different audiences – from journalists to data nerds to everyday citizens. She also has a wide range of tech skills, including munging data, visualizing data, building web apps, and crafting websites.

Christian MilNeil is a data journalist for the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. He has a background in math and statistics and is an experienced Javascript developer for the Press Herald newsroom.

Leslie Shapiro is a Graphics Reporter at The Washington Post, focused on telling meaningful stories with data. Previously, she was the Interactives Editor at New York Magazine, where she worked on short- and longform interactive storytelling, and a product designer on IBM Watson, designing ways for humans to interact with artificially intelligent services.